Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tom Piantanida's Books

Diversion Press has recently published one of Tom Piantanida's books entitled In the Shadow of  the Big Apple.  Tom has also self-published two books that are available through  Tom is semi-retired, working as a consultant to medical instrument companies in northern California.  Many of his stories involve his alter ego, Kenny, who grew up in an Italian ghetto across the river from NYC, where the local pool was known as Mussolini's Bathtub and its turbid water instantly turned all bathing suits the color of Italian battleships.   During his career in biomedical research, Dr. Piantanida wrote numerous technical articles and book chapters; only after early retirement did he concentrate on writing fiction. Since then, Dr. Piantanida received Honorable Mention in 2005 from the Writer's Digest for his short stories and has recently been published in The First Line, Today's Feature, Skive Magazine, Silver Thoughts, Demon Minds, and The Front Porch. During his six year tenure as Editor of the Racing Drivers' Club Newsletter, he published a monthly column, in addition to submitting stories under the Spoonerismic pseudonym, A. Mack Barker. When he is not tinkering with custom and special-interest cars, he is building model trains, or pursuing motorsports.